Your life is filled with important moments and experiences, and buying your first car is one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you will make. It is a decision that requires careful consideration, as it not only involves a significant financial investment, but also a change in your lifestyle and the way you move around.

Therefore, it is important to find the right car that fits your needs and preferences. At our company, we have a wide range of cars with both automatic and manual gear, and our cars are handpicked and of high quality. We strive to have the latest models available, so you can be sure that you are not just getting any car when you choose us as your partner.

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Become better equipped for traffic with a first aid course for your driver's license

To obtain a driver's license, you must first pass a first aid course. Instead of running around confused in the city to take this course, Driving Academy can help guide you through the different steps. We hold our own first aid courses in our own premises, so we'll make sure to help you every step of the way... from two legs, to two or four wheels! Remember, it's impressive to be able to help others.

As part of obtaining your driver's license, you will also need to be trained in first aid. This is to be able to provide assistance in case of accidents in traffic or if you have an accident. With knowledge of what to do in an emergency, you can make the difference between life and death. At Driving Academy, we offer a complete package solution so you can take a first aid course and get your driver's license all in one place. Right in the middle of the city.

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If it's the fierce horsepower of racing machines or the masculine engines of cruisers that appeal to you, then Driving Academy can also provide you with a motorcycle driver's license.

When obtaining a driver's license for a car, the instructor sits next to you and can intervene if a dangerous situation arises. However, when obtaining a driver's license for a motorcycle, the instructor doesn't sit behind you, ready to reach over the handlebars - that would look a bit funny!

A1 (small motorcycle) - age requirement 18 years.

A2 (medium motorcycle) - age requirement 20 years or 2 years of experience as a driver of A1 and passing a practical test on A2.

A (large motorcycle) - age requirement 24 years or 2 years of experience as a driver of A2 and passing a practical test on A.

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The rules for driving with a trailer or caravan determine both the maximum weight the vehicle can carry and the driver's license requirements. A trailer driving license allows you to drive with a heavier load.

In many cases, the car is approved to tow a heavier trailer than what is allowed with a regular B driver's license. In such cases, the license limits your options.

With a B driver's license, you can drive with any trailer if the sum of the car's permissible total weight and the trailer's permissible total weight does not exceed 3,500 kg. If you exceed the weight limit of the B driver's license at 3,500 kg, you can obtain a trailer driving license.

A trailer driving license allows you to drive a combination vehicle up to 7,000 kg. However, the weight of the trailer cannot exceed 3,500 kg.

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20. jan. 2023

“Fantastic driving school. I had failed 3 times before and had lost hope before I switched to Driving Academy. After driving three times with Lars, I passed the driving test without any problems. It was also a pleasure to have driving lessons, which was definitely not something I had experienced before.”

Ida Lippert

17. jan. 2022

“I've had a really good experience with Driving Academy. I passed both tests on my first attempt, so the theory lessons were good and my driving instructor Henrik was very pleasant and really good - we had some really enjoyable driving lessons together. The price is good and the product is better :-) I got my driver's license in 2.5 months and everything went smoothly."

Teddy Ernst

27. apr. 2022

“Can 100% recommend Driving Academy, Lars is a fantastic instructor and it was a really good experience”