It's usually not boring to get a driver's license with us, so we have a lot of fun and good humor.

Our philosophy is that you learn best when you are in a calm environment. We'll be together for a couple of months, so we might as well enjoy ourselves.

We are very patient, which is a must for a driving instructor!

We all have a few crazy stories about some of the things we've experienced as driving instructors. We also have a lot of good experiences that we bring with us to new students.

Lars Cortz (BOSS)

Mobil: 40403355

Lars has a lot of experience from jobs in sales and marketing. He used his vast driving experience and trained to become a driving instructor. He has a special educational background, including an HD in Marketing. Several students benefit from this during driving lessons where they do a little bit of homework in Marketing. Lars thinks it's fantastic to help shape the future of drivers. He has had a well-functioning driving school in Aabybro for several years. With his calm and relaxed approach, he makes otherwise dull subjects a bit more enjoyable. Nervous students will relax in Lars' company. Lars owns Driving Academy and is fully prepared to make you a safe and super-chic driver.

Teaches Category B (Car).

Henrik Larsen

Mobil: 40553477

Calm and organized.

Teaches Category B (Car)

Brian Larsen  (BRIAN 2)

Mobil: 53826625

Calm and organized.

Teaches Category B (Car)

Brian Møller  (BRIAN 1)

Mobil: 71947194

Has a calm and good dry sense of humor. Known for his many DAD jokes.

Teaches Category B (Car).

Michael Porsborg

Mobil: 22673215

Very experienced driving instructor despite his relatively young age. He is a semi-known electric guitarist in Northern Jutland. He often has his electric guitar with him in the trunk, so he can practice his art during breaks. Always in a good mood!!

Teaches Category B (Car)