Now your journey from wannabe to cool driver begins. The time has come to get started. On the first evening, we will go through the course together and you will receive a thorough introduction to the lessons. At the same time, time is set aside for the "crawling yard" - we might as well get started right away, right?

Remember to bring a medical certificate and a new passport photo.

Closed Trainng Ground

Before hitting the open road, you'll start with 4x45 minutes in the practice area. Here, you'll learn the basic exercises in the car, and you'll become familiar with the clutch and brakes.

If you're not quite ready to move on, we'll take a few more trips in the practice area first.

Theory and Driving Lessons

When you have learned some theory, of course you need to hit the roads and test it afterwards. That's why theory and driving are naturally connected in the course, so the theoretical part is put into practice. When the driving works satisfactorily, you are ready to move on to the theory again.

Theory Test

You have now completed a minimum of 14 driving lessons and 29 theory lessons. Maybe you have even had a few extra driving lessons, as it is best to complete those before the theory test, and now the time has come... you have to take the theory test.

Before the test, your driving instructor has gone through the process with you, so you are completely ready.

Requirements for motorcycle license: Requires a minimum of 13 driving lessons and 28 theory lessons.

Driving Technique Facility (slippery road)

You have now reached a point where your driving skills need to be trained and fine-tuned so that you are ready for all types of traffic and weather conditions. Therefore, braking and evasive maneuvers are practiced on both slippery and dry roads.

The slippery road training consists of 45 minutes of theory and 4x45 minutes of driving – so you will definitely get to try it all.

The Driving Exam

The day you've been waiting for since the beginning has arrived - the big exam. The pressure is solely on your shoulders, but take it easy. We usually start with one or two warm-up lessons, after which you'll drive to the test center with your driving instructor. There, you'll meet the driving test examiner, who will check that all your paperwork is in order, and then you're ready to hit the road.

The driving test lasts about 45 minutes, during which the driving examiner - yes, that's what they're called - checks that you're good enough to get your driver's license. After that, the world's roads are open for you - or should we say tires!

Requirements for motorcycles: Before taking the "real" driving test for motorcycles, you must first pass a satisfactory track test. On the track, you'll complete a series of exercises such as slalom, braking and turning maneuvers, as well as evasive maneuvers. These exercises are better suited for a track than on Vesterbro street!

So what are you waiting for? Find a class that suits you and become another super driver from the Driving Academy.


  • Be well-rested

  • Have your papers in order

  • Keep track of deadlines


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